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  • NCSA Perl Tutorial page includes information on over 24 different topics of Perl language. Some of these topics are What is Perl?, Strategy for this tutorial, Starting Perl, Basic Syntax, Variables, Scalars and more. To try their tutorial you must have some experince of computer programming.

  • Robert's Perl Tutorial is a very good tutorial for both beginners and people with little experince of programming. The best thing about this tutorial is that all of the tutorial is on one single page so you can bookmark or print all of the tutorial.

  • Perl Tutorial. This site has tutorials on Guestbooks, Sending e-mails, File I/O and some other basic Perl programs.

  • Perl Tutorial page. has around sixteen useful links about learning Perl language. These links includes information on Basic of Perl, WWW sites for Perl, Different between Perl 4 and Perl 5, References etc.

  • Take 10 Minutes to Learn (TM) - Perl has Perl tutorial for the first-timer. 10 minutes of copying and pasting - learn by doing.

  • Perl tutorial: A basic program. this page has tutorial to very first steps of learning Perl language. You will find the tutorials easy later, if you have read this tutorials.

  • Webmonkeys Perl Tutorial. This site is one of the most famous sites which includes the tutorials on Perl language. This site also offers tutorials in HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript and more.

  • Tutorial on CGI Database Programming with Perl is a tutorial on Perl CGI Database programming under Unix as well as Windows. The site provides step by step instruction on implementing a cgi database solution for any site.

  • provodes tons of information and tutorials on Perl Language. Also this site offers lots of other Perl Resources like useful tools, tips and more. This site also has tutorial on other languages like CGI, HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, Java Script, Visiual Basic and lot more.