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XML Tutorial

  • XML School is a well organized and easy to understand xml tutorial with lots of working examples and source code.

  • Active Channel, Part 1 - Thanks to XML, this tutorial will teach you how to add a very simple Active Channel to your page.

  • Active Channel, Part 2 - Thanks to XML, there are "extras" to an Active Channel. Part 2 shows a few of those additions.

  • Add a little style to your XML document w/XSL - A working example. XML provides ability to format document content, XSL provides ability to define how the formatted XML content is presented. However, XSL is...

  • "Adding XML support to your FrontPage web" - Gives you a simple example of how to use XML within your FrontPage web, and display the data in Internet Explorer 4 or 5. It will be of interest to you if you want to ...

  • An XML Tutorial from Microsoft - An extensive XML tutorial from Microsoft.

  • "Behaviors for IE5" - Behaviors are an enhancement to Internet Explorer 5. By using XML we can link behaviors to any element in a webpage and manipulate that element.

  • "Building a FlixML Document: Introduction" - XML tutorial from John E. Simpson, author of "Just XML." See my review of his book in the bookstore.

  • Building a XML-based Metasearch Engine ... - "Today I'd like to show you, how we can move the metasearch process to the server and deliver browser independent HTML to any client..."

  • "Comparing XSL and CSS" by Norman Walsh - "XSL and ... (CSS) have similar goals, and it's useful to compare them. XSL is more powerful than CSS in many ways, but it's also more complex. XSL and CSS are not ..."

  • "Cost Version 2.2. Released" - Cost version 2.2provides 'preliminary support for XML'. Cost is a free "structure-controlled SGML application programming tool. It is implemented as a Tcl extension, ...

  • "Custom Networking" - A tutorial on writing network programs using Java, from Sun.